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What is SodaYODA.com?

SodaYODA.com delivers Drinks and Ice right to you! We are essentially an on-demand “Drinks and Ice” catering service with the ability to serve immediate and advance orders.

Where does SodaYODA.com deliver to?

SodaYODA.com is located in Northern VA and serves a 15-mile radius with Arlington being in the center of the Delivery Area. We serve NW DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Silver Springs, Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, Vienna, Falls Church, McLean and more. View our delivery map to see if youre within our delivery zone. If you fall outside our area,
 Call us at phone 
and we will arrange a fee for delivery to your address.

Who does SodaYoda.com deliver to?

We will deliver just about anywhere that has a physical address and can accommodate our delivery van. Homes, Condos, Apartments, Businesses, Events, Weddings, Restaurants, Catering events, and more. If you need Drinks and Ice, and have money, we will deliver to you! No subscription needed, no strings attached!

How easy is ordering from SodaYoda.com?

Really easy. Easier than buying an on-demand movie. Your drinks might even arrive before the credits roll. Simply select your items, create an account, and checkout with Paypal or our Authorize.Net credit card processor, or even choose Cash on Delivery.

What Delivery Options does SodaYoda.com offer?

Easy online ordering offers items delivered Today,or In The Future, so you can “Order now, get it when you want it.” Our range of delivery options ensures that you will feel confident your products will arrive when you need them.

How much is the Delivery Fee?

$5-$15 for Same-Day delivery. Free delivery for all advance orders. Orders less than $75 have an add’l fee of $20.

I want drinks Today, how long until my items arrive?

Typically, orders placed for ASAP delivery will arrive in 2-3 Hours. Orders placed during rush hour can longer to arrive. In the event of a delay, we will communicate with you via text message. Every effort will be made to get your order to you. Please keep in mind we serve a HUGE delivery area compared to other delivery companies (pizza shops for example), so we have quite a bit of ground to cover and we simply have a longer average delivery time. To compound the issue, metro-area traffic can make the larger area even tougher to navigate. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding! We promise your drinks and ice are being rushed carefully to you!

I want my drinks Tomorrow or on a future date. How does SodaYODA.com coordinate with customers' schedules?

Specify your desired delivery date and time in the "Order Scheduler" during checkout. We will work with you to make sure your drinks arrive at a convenient time. If we can’t, we will make arrangements to leave the items with your front desk or in a safe location. We will text or email you to make sure everyone is on the same page.

My company/organization is Tax Exempt. Can you accommodate Tax-Exempt customers?

Absolutely. Simply email us a copy of your W-9 and the exemption number. We will change your account status to tax exempt and you’ll be all set.

My transaction was declined. What happened?

Realistically, for every 10 declined transaction, 9 of them are caused by user error. An address might be entered incorrectly, a name might be spelled incorrectly, a payment method on file at Paypal may have expired, etc. Double check that you entered the billing address exactly as it appears on your bank statement for that card. Confirm that all numbers have been entered accurately and that all details are current and correct. If all the information on your end is completely accurate, and you have available funds, and you’re certain that your bank hasn’t placed a “hold” on your account, we can call the cc processor and see if they can help investigate why the transaction isn’t going through. If the issue can’t be resolved, we can offer alternative payment methods such as Business checks, or cash on delivery.

I have a student attending college in the area. Can I send drinks as a care package?

SodaYODA.com is the perfect solution to keep your college students fridge stocked! Send cases of spring water and energy drinks direct to the dorms.

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